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The right to free speech and association is a fundamental right that we have as citizens of the United States of America. If the government or its agents violate your free speech and association rights, you may have a claim. Our attorneys have experience litigating free speech and free association claims. We have filed claims in both state and federal courts and have argued cases before the United States Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit. Let us protect you.

Milwaukee First Amendment Attorneys

Our First Amendment attorneys and lawyers represent law enforcement officers, cops, policemen, jail administrators, firefighters, correctional officers, unions, collective bargaining units, and all other government and public employees throughout the State of Wisconsin.


If you have been disciplined, terminated, suspended, reprimanded or otherwise discriminated and retaliated against by your government employer because of your speech or association with your union, you should immediately contact our attorneys to review your case. We have successfully resolved these claims on behalf of our clients.


However, if your government employer is unwilling to resolve your case justly and equitably, we also have the trial experience to pursue the case before the judge or jury.


If you or someone in your union is retaliated against, give our Milwaukee attorneys a call at 414-727-5150 or you can also reach us online. All communications between our law firm and potential clients remain entirely confidential.



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