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What divorcing Milwaukee spouses need to know about protecting substantial marital assets

How are assets divided between divorcing couples in Wisconsin?

What divorcing Milwaukee spouses need to know about protecting substantial marital assets


The end of a marriage is an emotional and confusing time. Even when the decision to separate is mutual, finding comprehensive and equitable solutions to the problems created by divorce can be frustrating and difficult. This is particularly true for divorcing couples who enter the process having acquired significant assets, both during and before the marriage. Reaching a fair and reasonable settlement agreement that protects the rights and property of both individuals under state law is a challenge that many of us never contemplate until it becomes unavoidable.


At the law firm of MacGillis Wiemer LLC, our team of experienced Milwaukee high net worth divorce attorneys are committed to helping clients with significant property interests at every stage of the divorce process. Our team of seasoned trial litigators have the skill and knowledge to tackle even the most complex financial situations, providing divorcing spouses and their families the peace of mind they need to begin the next chapter of their lives.


How are assets divided between divorcing couples in Wisconsin?


In Wisconsin, all property owned by either spouse at the time of the divorce is presumed to be marital property unless evidence indicates otherwise. And, each spouse is entitled to half of that property in a divorce. While couples are entitled to reach their own property settlements, including through such means as mediation or an existing property agreement, if such a settlement is not possible, or if the couple cannot agree on the value of any asset or assets, the court determines such matters in a trial.


In a divorce involving high net worth, the assets being divided are often complex, and can include:


  • Stocks, stock options, securities and other investments
  • Partnerships and business holdings
  • Real estate
  • Pensions, retirement accounts, and military benefits
  • Intellectual property such as copyrights, patents, or trademarks
  • Artwork and collectables
  • Deferred income


These types of marital assets can sometimes be difficult, or impossible, to partition. In reaching a decision, judges take into account factors such as tax consequences, the needs of each spouse and any children, and any effect on the value of the asset.


Practical, creative guidance to effective settlement solutions


Divorcing individuals seeking particular settlement terms from an uncooperative spouse are often unsure how to go about reaching them, or whether they are even entitled to the agreement terms they seek. Disputes over the value of a house, business or other asset are common, and unfortunately, many spouses transfer or hide certain assets in anticipation of a divorce filing, through methods as elaborate as offshore banking, or as simple as asking a parent, sibling, or friend to hold money. Divorce is also a time when disputes arise over the validity or terms of a pre-nuptial agreement.


As accomplished Milwaukee divorce trial litigators, we are familiar with all these types of issues, and have the skill to carefully analyze and understand even the most intricate financial positions. We have the resources to aggressively counter money-hiding tactics, including the tracing of assets through investigation and forensic accounting, access to experts offering valuation of assets ranging from artwork to stock options. When it comes to high net worth divorce, rely on our more than twenty years of combined experience passionately safeguarding clients’ financial futures.


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With significant amounts of property at stake, complex divorces can create highly-charged conflict between spouses and families. At the law offices of MacGillis Wiemer LLC, our hard-working Wisconsin divorce lawyers are driven to provide meticulous representation during what can be the most challenging time in your life. If you are in the process of divorcing, or are considering a divorce and are concerned about the possible effect on your net worth, visit or call our offices on Bluemound Road in Wauwatosa at (414) 727-5150, or contact us online.



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