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It doesn’t take a degree in physics to grasp how the impact resulting from a collision between 80,000-pound tractor trailer and a 3,000-pound car can be catastrophic. The trucking industry is certainly aware of this.

Zealous advocacy for the rights of injured motorists

What causes tractor-trailer accidents?

Zealous advocacy for the rights of injured motorists


It doesn’t take a degree in physics to grasp how the impact resulting from a collision between 80,000-pound tractor trailer and a 3,000-pound car can be catastrophic. The trucking industry is certainly aware of this. When an accident involving one of their trucks occurs, companies and their insurers immediately dispatch a response team of investigators to the accident scene, not to determine the cause of the accident, but to assess and minimize the cost of the accident as much as possible. Very often, injured motorists and their families are contacted by these investigators and pressured into accepting settlement agreements.


At the law office of MacGillis Wiemer LLC, our experienced Milwaukee tractor trailer accident attorneys are committed to taking on trucking companies and their representatives, aggressively pursuing compensation for damages and injuries which often exceed initial settlement offers.


What causes tractor-trailer accidents?


Safe operation of a tractor-trailer involves quite a bit of experience and ability. These trucks are difficult to maneuver due to their size and weight, and are especially prone to accidents as a result. Drivers have limited visibility of the surrounding traffic, and a substantial distance is sometimes needed to safely bring these vehicles to a complete stop. In addition, these vehicles are often carrying payloads, such as chemicals, waste, or gas, which can create significant additional danger following a crash.


Despite these factors, many tractor-trailer accidents could have been prevented, if not for such negligence as:


  • Cargo improperly loaded or secured
  • Trucks not been properly inspected or maintained
  • Companies inadequately training drivers
  • Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Drivers using cell phones or other distracting devices while driving
  • Fatigued drivers


Although state and federal trucking regulations seek to prevent such accidents by setting forth guidelines for truckers and trucking companies to follow, such safety concerns are often overlooked in favor of economic considerations, such as reducing delivery times and increasing cargo volume.


What should you do after an accident with a tractor-trailer?


Once a trucking accident occurs, investigative teams are quickly dispatched to the crash site to collect statements from eyewitnesses and to gather physical evidence from the crash site, in anticipation of any litigation arising from the accident. These teams also seek out those people involved in the accident who may have a claim against the trucking company, and attempt to persuade them to accept a settlement offer. Not only are these initial settlement offers often inadequate to cover the long-term cost of an injury caused by a catastrophic accident, but they are primarily intended to coerce the injured into signing a statement waiving their right to all claims arising from the accident.


Because of these tactics, it is essential that anyone involved in a tractor-trailer accident consult with our knowledgeable Milwaukee tractor trailer accident attorneys to create an aggressive legal strategy by:


  • Taking swift action to preserve critical evidence of the accident, including the drivers’ employment records, the “black box” data from the truck engine, and the relevant driver logs
  • Using expert resources to investigate and reconstruct the accident, and to testify about their findings on your behalf
  • Applying the web of relevant—and sometimes complicated—state and federal laws regulating the trucking industry in order to determine the negligence of the driver or trucking company.
  • Analyzing your medical records to determine the true cost of your injuries—not just your outstanding bills, but any future expenses, losses, and other needs caused by the accident.


Needless to say, all of these factors, combined with the often catastrophic nature of the injuries they cause, make tractor-trailer accidents among the most legally complex cases to pursue.


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